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Join Us India's Best Chai Franchise and No.1 Kulhad Chai Cafe Experience

At our Kulhad Chai official website, we invite you to partake in a cherished Indian culture - Chai in Kulhad. This unique practice, synonymous with our No.1 Chai franchise and Best Kulhad Chai Franchise in India encapsulates the essence of India's rich tea culture and sustainability.

Join Us - The Bond of Love (Kulhad Chai India-India’s Best Chai Franchise)

Visit our Chai official website to explore the magic of Chai in Kulhad. Discover how our franchise has become India's No.1 Kulhad Chai Cafe, and join us in celebrating this timeless tradition that's as eco-friendly as it is flavorful.


We’re on a mission to globalize our Kulhad Chai across the world and get people to try it globally & taste the original taste of India’s soil with their every sip from Kulhad. We are also embarking on a mission to take our Kulhad Chai Cafe to every corner of the world, introducing people to the unique taste of 'Desh Ki Miti' (the essence of our homeland) with each sip from our traditional clay cups. We aim to offer a global audience the opportunity to savor the rich flavors and cultural experience encapsulated in every cup of Kulhad Chai.


Our vision is to bring the essence of Kulhad Chai India to every nook and cranny of our homeland and the international market. We aspire to serve not just Traditional Kulhad Chai but also to blend it with world-class ambience, providing people with natural, aromatic experiences and creating lasting, joyful memories.