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Kulhad Chai is India’s Best Chai Franchise. These small clay cups, known as kulhads, infuse the tea with an earthy aroma and unique flavor. We are India’s fastest growing chai-chain that started in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh- India by two young couple of India. We envision blending Kulhad’s health benefits with the most go-to-beverage “Desi Chai” in India. We have a mission to serve a wishful cup of tea in every corner of the world.

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Kulhad Chai India is a Best Chai Franchise and popular and Fastest growing Kulhad Chai-Chain, founded by Two Couple of India’s entrepreneurs Mrs. Shikha Mishra & Mr. Indra Kr. Shukla. Kulhad Chai India has been creating memories and building “The Bond of Love” between two Kulhad Chai lover. “The Bond of Love” is symbolic alias name of Kulhad Chai India.


a. Flavor Enhancement: The use of clay kulhads imparts an earthy aroma and enhances the flavor of the tea.

b. Sustainability: Kulhads are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

c. Cultural Tradition: It represents simplicity and sustainability, reminding people of the beauty in traditional practices that are harmonious with nature.

d. Health Benefits: Chai made in a traditional manner, using natural ingredients like tea leaves, spices, and milk, can have potential health benefits.


• Business StarterKit.
• Material and Staffing Support.
• Predefined Menu.
• Regular research and development of new flavors of product
• Backup support for staff &material.
• Social Media Promotion.
• Online event & marriage event booking from the company website.
• Periodical visit by the trainers to check quality of tea prepared at the franchise outlet and any miscellaneous support related to business as mutually agreed in the written copy of the franchise agreement.



Embark on a Profitable Journey with the Best Kulhad Chai Franchise in India.

Indulge your entrepreneurial aspirations with the finest chai experience through our esteemed franchise outlet. Our franchise presents an alluring prospect for driven entrepreneurs to not only immerse in the world of chai but also reap substantial profits with a remarkably low initial investment. Renowned as the Best Chai Franchise in the country, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every cup.

Unveiling the Unique Franchise Model Operational excellence meets innovation under our 'Franchise Owned Franchise Operated' (FOFO) model, setting us apart in the franchise landscape. This approach is not just proven but exclusive, promising a distinctive and successful route to franchising. As the Best Kulhad Chai Franchise in India, we ensure that our partners embrace a business model that stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and success.

Your Path to Prosperity With a strong foundation as the Best Chai Franchise, we invite you to embark on a journey of profitability and flavor. Discover the allure of traditional kulhad chai while securing your investment within a dynamic and ever-growing market.


1. High Profit Margin
2. Regular income source with high demand.
3. Multiple income sources like retail, Event, Online& catering etc.
4. Multiple flavors with quality and hygiene.
5. Business START-UP support
6. Ongoing support in respect of operational and business development.
7. ROI within 6 to 9 month*.


We provide training to staff for 30 - 45 days complete guide on how to hire / sources to hire / hiring conditions / trainer joining and accomdation procedure

• We also provide permanent staffing support*.